March marches on

On the savanna in the late afternoon, surrounded by lichen-draped oaks; noting the attractive old ones, the new straight ones with potential beyond our lifetimes, mistletoe, galls. Mindfulness comes naturally.

In this video of early spring you can see the effects of not mowing. The reason was fire hazard followed by soggy soil, (drought/deluge) last fall. A lot of thatch from old non-native grasses and taller scotch broom remain; but I hope that will make it easier to kill the broom this spring. Mowing as a substitute for fire is not ideal, although better than nothing.

Other interesting things I found this day out will follow in the next post!

A Year of Gopher Valley Views 2010

Click here for the soundtrack for this year of Gopher Valley views…

Feb fog



May rain



summer light

smr moon and planet

summer leaves

late summer sunset


Frosty December 31 morning

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to another interesting year of natural history discoveries