Non-Timber Forest Products from Gopher Valley

Your purchase directly supports our conservation and education efforts. Seeds, spores, dye plants, mushroom logs, and other products are wild-collected and hand harvested.

Our forest is certified as responsibly managed by the Forest Stewardship Council™. We manage for wildlife habitat and biodiversity. Some products – for example oak mushroom logs – are the byproducts of conservation thinning.


Please send us a message on the contact form to inquire about:

  • Oregon white oak mushroom logs – inoculated with edible mushrooms you can harvest for several years! (Shiitake, Oyster, Lion’s Mane) These logs are FSC® certified. We’ll be at the McMinnville Thursday farmer’s market August15 and 22, 2013. Logs and mushrooms are also available delivered in Western Oregon and Washington (roughly between Salem and Seattle along the I-5 corridor). You may arrange for pickup if you prefer. Order via the Paypal button on the home page. Logs are available anytime. Mushroooms available when they appear which is more or less on their own schedule.

NOTE: logs need to be kept outdoors in the shade so they get sufficient light and air. They need to be soaked about once a week or every two weeks, then weekly to start fruiting after a 2 month rest. Full instructions included with your log.

Please use the CONTACT FORM to request mushroom log FAQ’s and more info by email!

  • Native seeds and plants – if you are looking for a particular species of seed, pre-order before summer, so I can custom collect for you. I will have Camas (Camassia leichtlinii) bulbs available in the future, and seeds are usually plentiful, as are sword fern spores. Other seeds need to be collected on contract. See the “In Bloom in Gopoher Valley” page for species that may be available for small quantity custom collection.

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