About us

This is about our 20 acres in Oregon. Tom and Jeanie work there the most, but our kids Aly and Patrick visit from time to time. Aly’s friends helped us burn a lot of slash piles, and Patrick and his buddies had the thrill of starting a fire as well.

Right now, we are working on habitat improvements and learning as many of the plants and animals as possible. In the future Jeanie hopes to offer a line of native plant seeds for home gardeners. If you like lichens, bugs or newts, we will eventually offer tours of the place. Got to get the poison oak out of the paths first though.

You can read more about Jeanie at TaylorGardensNW.com. Tom teaches graphic design and advertising in the Seattle Central Community College Creative Academy. Summers are free to run the brushcutter, riding mower, smoke cigars, read, and go birding in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

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10 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Jane – I cannot wait for your photos of the dragonflies and damselflies! I feel great about learning so much about the genera and species and how to i.d. I am really pumped to go looking for some around our place!

    I love your approach on your blog at Justanothernatureenthsiast.org. Looking forward to reading and exploring more soon.

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  2. Hi Jeanie-
    I enjoyed meeting you and chatting along the trail at the Dragonfly workshop held at Jackson Bottom Wetlands!
    It looks like you have a lovely place to call home along with a variety of nature neighbors.


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