Prairie Field Day Arrives – May 31

Many thanks to Amie Loop-Frison of the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District and her prodigious organizing skills to pull this off. It was a beautiful day, a fun tour, and an inspiration to see so many people interested in stewarding rare and endangered habitat. Woo-hoo!

Handout Info and links                          

Jeanie is available to consult on

  • Plant identification
  • Seed collection
  • Propagation (on site)
  • Plant selection/ growing recommendations
  • Weed control /vegetation management/revegetation

Landowner’s Manuals online

Altman, B. and J.L Stephens. 2012. Bird Habitat and Populations in Oak Ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. American Bird Conservancy and Klamath Bird Observatory. 82 pp.

[note – online version comes in two separate documents. Be sure to get the appendix info]

PNW Forest Service Research Station oak research papers

BLM Landowner’s guide for Restoring and Managing Oregon White Oak‎

Willamette Valley Landowner’s Guide to Creating Habitat for Grassland Birds (and other info)

NNRG (FSC certification, help with marketing logs, harvest, etc)

Farmscaping for beneficials

Seeds – Heritage Seedlings

Mow/Shear – Restoration – R-J Consulting

Farmscaping for beneficials


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