A Public Service Announcement

Ron Pence, Assistant Administrator

Commodity Inspection Division

Oregon Dept Of Agriculture

Dear Mr Pence,

By now, the example of yellow tuft allysum will have been brought to your attention as a relevant example of what economic and ecosystem damage occurs when invasive species are used as commercial crops. Even with the best intentions, it is very difficult to control invasive species with regulations, inspections, and control after they have escaped cultivation.

Please note that Arundo donax (Giant Reed) has the potential to burden the taxpayers of Oregon with yet another eradication problem when it escapes. Ecosystem damage and loss of ecosystem function (and therefore the ecosystem services we depend on) are major reasons not to approve this plant for cultivation. Please refrain from approving Arundo donax as a biofuel crop. Biomass can be generated from any number of crops. Choose not to use this one.

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