Meet the Neighborhood Naturalists

White lined sphinx moth larva – discovery on the naturalist walk. That horn is on the tail end and it’s sharp! It turns into a very large moth, as you might guess. And yes, it’s native Woo-hoo!

I just received the new Neighborhood Naturalist Newsletter in my email. Such a delight. Each newsletter is full of everything you could want to know about a couple of local Willamette Valley species – flora or fauna; the design is high quality and the photos are fabulous.

Did I mention the newsletter is free by email? Do yourself a favor and subscribe! It is just one of the easy ways to learn about the diversity around us in the Willamette Valley.

I took a beginning birding class from the authors, Don and Lisa, and I have rarely had such a rewarding learning experience. Their avocation is natural history and they know a lot (a LOT!) yes, but they also have a facility for getting the information across in an interesting and helpful manner.

Their goal is to inform and to educate, and they spend a lot of their time taking people on walks (free – the next Neighborhood Naturalist Adventure in Corvallis is October 21) and teaching classes (very inexpensive). A bird walk is always enlightening. Lisa and Don will call out the names of unseen birds, identifying them by song, and point out salient details of those you can see. Don can also imitate bird songs, which is a handy skill.

My neighbor found this arresting caterpillar last summer when we attended a naturalist adventure walk near Corvallis. Lisa looked it up and confirmed the i.d. and posted it to us online later the same day.

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