New photos; seeds germinating

Check the What’s in Bloom page for the latest in wildflowers in our corner of Gopher Valley.

The dampness continues here in Gopher Valley. 2-1/4 ” of rain in the last two weeks, and the grass is over five ft high in some places. That would mean it grew  a foot or more per week this month!

Little by little I am bulking up the wildflower stock.

I’ve started collecting this year’s seeds. And I’m germinating seeds collected last year.

We scattered most of the 2009 crop last winter in an area cleared of scotch broom, and on the spaces where we burned slash. But for a couple of species there are only one or two plants growing naturally, and I’m sowing those in pots, hoping for better survival. After two months in the refrigerator for cold treatment, they are germinating – Yay!

Here’s the latest:

I put net bags on some fawn lilies (Erythronium) earlier, and am now bringing them in.

bag to catch fawn lily seeds

Erythronium (fawn lily) seeds

Fawn lilies in bloom early spring

The one plant of beautiful blue giant houndstongue (Cynoglossum grande) is starting to ripen seeds. Here are some from last year that just germinated along with the beginning of this year’s crop.

Giant houndstongue (Cynoglossum grande)

I’ll be planting some shooting star (Dodecatheon) that also germinated. It was such a delight to find these, and so far there seems to be just one patch with a few plants. Only one plant set seed this year. Luckily they seem to germinate well.

Shooting star (Dodecatheon sp)

Shooting star seeds germinating on moist paper towel

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